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Distal radial fracture xray - Wrist injury in Colorado Springs, CO
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cartilage Tears

Are often the result of athletic injury but also can occur due to every day wear and tear. At the Colorado Hand Center we offer a minimally invasive arthroscopic approach to repair these tears whenever possible. This affords the patient a short down time and the quickest return to use of the wrist as possible.

Wrist Fracture

While the ice and snow of Colorado can be beautiful and is fun to ski on it can also cause falls. Often people stretch out their hand and wrist to break the fall and this can lead to fractures. Timely evaluation treatment is one of the most important things you can do to prevent disability and dysfunction. Our surgeons are specially trained and certified in the art of fracture management giving you the best chance at the restoration of normal pain free function.
If you have been in a recent accident and are experiencing the following symptoms in your wrist, then you should see a doctor immediately and receive treatment:
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
At Colorado Hand Center, we will confirm your injury with a detailed x-ray of the wrist. If you are in need of immediate treatment our doctors can help with internal fixation, which will help your wrist feel good as new within days after the surgery.

Wrist Arthritis

The 8 bones in the wrist that are all almost totally covered by cartilage. The wear and tear this cartilage sees over the years can lead to Arthritis causing pain and stiffness. For those patients requiring surgery, our surgeons are specially trained and experienced in offering motion preserving procedures whenever possible.

Ligament Injuries

The wrist is the most complex joint in the body with 8 carpal bones and over 20 ligaments. Our Surgeons and Hand Therapists have a combined experience of over 50 years is in caring for the conditions and injuries of this complex joint. This extensive experience is essential in accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Our Surgeons were trained by the pioneers of wrist arthroscopy, a minimally invasive approach, and offer unparalled expertise in correcting these problems to restore function.