Hand Injuries and How Surgery Can Help in Colorado Springs

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Skier's Thumb

Is a frequent injury here in Colorado. It involves disruption of the critical ligament in your thumb. Sometimes the ligament will get trapped behind another structure and never heal properly. Restoring the ligament to its original anatomic position is critical to proper healing and restoration of thumb function. Remember the thumb provides for half of your hands function. If the thumb isn’t working correctly then your hand won’t work either.
If you have been in a recent accident and are experiencing one of the following conditions:
  • Pain at the base of the thumb
  • Swelling of the thumb
  • Trouble grasping objects between your thumb and index finger
  • Tenderness of the Index finger and thumb
  • Discoloration of skin around the thumb
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important that you see a specialist immediately to help you get back to doing every day task. At Colorado Hand Center our surgeons and therapists know the best treatments to ensure that you receive proper and efficient care that is guaranteed to provide you with a rapid recovery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common entrapment neuropathy, with a prevalence in the general adult population ranging from 2.7 to 5.8 percent. It causes numbness and can lead to weakness and dysfunction. Proper evaluation and management in a timely fashion can prevent permanent problems. At Colorado Hand Center we offer a minimally invasive endoscopic approach for those patients who need surgery. You literally leave the operating room after a 10 minute procedure with a band aide on. Most people are back to work within a day or two.
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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Procedure

Flexor Tendon Injuries

If you have recently cut you hand and now the joints are not moving properly you may have cut a tendon. It is imperative to seek the specialized care we offer so that the tendon can be repaired and rehabilitated by our team of Surgeons and therapists who offer the comprehensive care you deserve right in the same office.

Thumb Arthritis

For patients who do not respond to Non-operative management and require surgery our procedure offers a quick recovery and the best preservation of normal thumb function. Most patients are done with their post-operative therapy a month after the procedure is done. For patients that are in their “work life” years we offer an arthroscopic procedure that minimizes recovery and best preserves the original anatomy and function of the thumb.

Osteoarthritis & Tendinitis

Coloradoans are for the most part active people who love to enjoy our beautiful state. While this is great for your general health it can also lead to tendinitis problems like Golfer’s elbow and Tennis elbow. While most people respond to therapy and medications some do not because the condition is advanced. In these patients we offer either Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections or surgical correction. Due to Dr. Topper’s involvement in the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) Research Committee we were one of the first Practices in the State to offer PRP, we therefore have a long experience with it.

Tendinities and arthritis are results of inflammation of the joint's tissue, which can cause pain and hampering the ability to use your hands. If this pain becomes too painful to bare. Call 719-260-4767 to schedule your appointment today, and find out how our treatments can help you heal.

Birth Deficiencies

When the youngest patients among us need our help we are there for them. Both Dr. Topper and Dr. Martyak trained with the top Congenital Hand Surgeons and Dr. Topper served as a Consultant to the Shriners Hospital in Portland Oregon. We believe that in these circumstances care for the entire family yields the best results.

We offer hand surgery and therapy for patients ranging from all walk of life, at any age. Our surgeons have experience working with small children and understand which procedures and surgeries will work best with their situation. Birth deficiencies include but are not limited to:
  • Radial Clubhand
  • Ulnar Clubhand
  • Simple syndactyly
  • Complex syndactyly
  • Duplications of Digits (Also Known As: Polydactyly)
  • Undergrowth of Digits
  • Overgrowth of Digits (Also Known As: Macrodactyly)
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If you are concerned for your child with birth deficiencies that affect the hand, call us at 719-260-4767 and schedule a consultation with our therapisits and physicians to find out what the best course of action is for you and your family.