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Our Board Certified, award winning Surgeons have years of experience to provide you with top of the industry orthopedic Upper Extremity care.
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There are countless reasons for a hand, wrist or shoulder injury, Colorado Hand Center wants to ensure that you get top quality compassionate care for your injury.
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Our Occupational Therapists are second to none providing effective and powerful results for all surgery, therapy and rehabilitation cases that come through our door.
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When you decide to make your appointment with Colorado Hand Center we provide helpful online forms for you to fill out in the comfort of your home and bring to your visit.
The Colorado Hand Center is one of a few surgical practices in the State of Colorado that is devoted to care of the Upper Extremity and the only one in Southern Colorado. As a consequence, we offer comprehensive care (Surgical, Medical, Therapy, and Radiology) for all conditions that affect the human upper limb in the same practice. Both Doctor Topper and Martyak trained with the pioneers of arthroscopy and endoscopy and have a combined 40 years of experience in these minimally invasive techniques. These techniques minimize incisions, postoperative pain, scarring and recovery times allowing Coloradoans to return to their active lifestyles and or work as quickly as possible. Some examples follow:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Thumb Arthritis
Cartilage Tears In The Wrist
Rotator Cuff Tears

Our Patient Review

"What a HUGE DIFFERENCE between my open carpal tunnel release, done 3 years ago, and the endoscopic release Dr. Topper just did 10 days ago! Less pain, NO PAIN MEDS actually with this surgery, NO rehab, and a FULL work release

10 days post op! A bandaid on release, contrasting the HUGE bandaging on open release! Dr. Topper ROCKS!"

-Rebecca R.